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Some of the Group also enjoy other areas of Amateur Astronomy here are some CCD images of galaxies and the planets:



 This is the first night out with my new flea3 camera and shows good detail in Saturns rings.I took 1000 frames each RGB.I took this image on the 2nd May 2012



I took this image if Saturn on the 7th of April 2012 in very good seeing conditions for our area.





 Jupiter Showing the Red Spot in 2009



NGC-3717 a great looking galaxy in Hydra


Jupiter and Ganymede and Europa showing some dark features on the disk of the moons.



NGC-1365 a fantastic looking galaxy


M65 taken from Mt Lemmon Arizona USA  while I was at Adam Blocks Astro Imaging course.This was taken with a 24 inch Telescope.


Saturn showing a transit of titan. You can see the shadow from titan on Saturns disk.I took this image in 2009


M104- a cool looking galaxy


 NGC253 a great southern galaxy


 A Selection of Planetary Nebula visible from My observatory



 Good old M57 with no colour data yet will add this later


   Unfinished edge on galaxy N7090


 NGC1404 showing SN2011iv a vey bright and scientifically important Supernova.At around 12.3 mag in this image.

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