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 Confirming images

As a group we also like to confirm possible supernova discovered by others this page

links images of such objects.

PSN in NGC7367

I turned the scope to a far northern targets(for us here in New Zealand) a couple of nights back.I have a suspect in NGC7367 but need another image.If possible any confirming images would be a great help.

Many thanks

Stu Parker

 PSN in NGC4038

 PSN J12015272-1852183 easily seen in many 2 min exposures at around mag 15.5 (poor seeing)

Images taken at Parkdale Observatory New Zealand

 Supernova in NGC1365

I received an TOCP alert in my email of this possible SN in NGC1365 discovered by A. Klotz on behalf of the TAROT Collaboration .Only a few hours later I managed to get an image to help to confirm this discovery.

TOCP Designation: PSN J03333599-3607377

Observation Date: 2012 10 27.05

J2000 Position: 03 33 35.99 -36 07 37.7

Magnitude: 15.6 R

Offset (arcseconds): 2W 52N

Locale: NGC1365

Nights_between frames: 0

Prior discoveries: 2

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