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Meeting People

BOSS members have been fortunate to meet with many interesting Astronomers both
Amateur and Professional, as well as attend several conferences in Australia,
New Zealand and the USA. This page presents some of those memorable moments and
the fun side of what we do.

In March 2012 Professional Astronomer Nidia Morrell from Carnegie Observatories,
Las Campanas Observatory, Chile visited Australia.

Nidia has taken many of the spectra for the BOSS group and this was a fabulous opportunity
for Peter, Greg, Colin Pat and Brendan to finally meet her in person. As you can see they had
a really enjoyable time together.

 Drinks around Gregs Telescope

 Peter and Greg showing Nidia around Brisbane. 

Nidia was able to see how we prepare for a nights search using

Greg’s telescope at his home observatory.

I (Stu) attended the Advanced Imaging Conference in August 2011. I was lucky enough to meet Alex Filippenko, an American astrophysicist and professor of astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley. Alex has often featured in many TV shows including History Channel's "The Universe" programs.

He always commands a very large audience and is a fantastic speaker. It was great to have a few words with him on Supernova.

  Only a few amateurs were privileged to attend this conference.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the professional supernova conference in Sydney June 2011. There were only 2 amateur Astronomers at the conference, myself and Robert (Bob) Evans (world famous amateur astronomer who holds the all-time record for 42 visual discoveries of supernovae) . It was indeed a pleasure to meet him and talk over supernova searching methods.

I was allowed to give a short talk at the conference describing our group and what we are doing to try and help the professionals. Pretty nervous here considering the audience.... some of the brightest minds in their field in the world

Peter and Bob Evans many years before the above image.

Perks of the job--Colin,Peter and Brendan win awards for reporting and discoveries of Supernovae.

L/R Gregg Thompson (co-author Supernova Search Charts) Stu Parker & Peter Marples.

Peter meets Sir Patrick Moore CBE in 1988. Patrick’s long running Sky AT Night television series first got Peter interested in astronomy at around 8 years old.

Newest Members

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