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MINOR PLANET named for BOSS team member

Peter Marples was honoured with a minor planet named after him.Here are the details:

7527 Marples

Discovered 1993 Jan. 20 by T. Urata at Oohira.

Australian amateur astronomer Peter Marples (b. 1958) discovered the supernova 2008fa in NGC6722. He lives in Loganholme, Queensland, and is a very activemember of the Southern Astronomical Society.

The name was suggested by T. Urata and I.Makino.

7527 Marples (provisional designation: 1993 BJ)is a main-beltminorplanet. It was discovered by TakeshiUrata at the Nihondaira Observatory in Shimizu,Shizuoka, Japan, onJanuary 20, 1993. It is named after Peter Marples, an Australian amateur astronomer.

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